Support Coordination

In 2009 Washington County SB40, under the direction and cooperation with the state of Missouri, Department of Mental Health/ Division of Developmental Disabilities, began offering local targeted case management services for individuals eligible for services. Over the next couple of years this was expanded to serve Iron County and eventually Crawford County as well.

What does a support coordinator do?

A support coordinator or case manager as they are sometimes referred to, is the person responsible to assist individuals with developmental disability in assessing the need for and finding resources and services to assist in being successful in life and community.  These resources may include natural and paid supports.  Some might say the service coordinator is a “gatherer of resources.”  Targeted Case Management Services are defined as those furnished to assist individuals  living in the community or transitioning into the community  in gaining access to needed social, medical, educational, and other services.

Once eligibility has been determined, a support coordinator is assigned and will work with the indivdual/family to develop an Individualized Support Plan. This plan will be used to direct and authorize services for individuals, linking them to resources to assist in meeting their needs.